Good Questions: Non-plastic divided dishes for children

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Elizabeth wrote in with a question about dishes: I don't know about you, but at our house we have developed plastic-phobia. Particularly when it comes to feeding our 8 month old daughter, who is just getting a hang of solids. My major concern is heating up foods in plastic or melamine plates in the microwave. I have been searching for an ideal solution: china/porcelain that has a few divided areas for different foods, but deep enough that it allows for mixing cereal. Any thoughts?

A lot of parents share your concerns, Elizabeth. We found a few options we think will work for you and we hope to hear from other readers with advice.

California company, BIA Cordon Bleu, has been making porcelain and stoneware dishes for over fifty years. We found a few divided dishes in their line including the TV Tray shown above ($14.99).

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They also make these Fondue Plates, set of 4 ($39.95).

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We've recommended Corelle before for relatively unbreakable dishware and we discovered they also make a divided plate ($6.60)

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If you like to serve a variety of foods at your meals, this plate can accomodate them:Round Fondue & Raclette Plate ($7.99).

If you're looking for something a little less adult, we found a few options:

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Handpainted Divided Plate with your child's initial in blue or pink ($69).

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Poodle Dinner Set and cup ($24.95).

Readers, can you add to our list?

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