Good Questions: Online Sources for Simple Frames?

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We got an email from Matt & Jess: I'm interested in doing a wall gallery in the style of sfgirlbybay's (pictured). She gets all her frames from IKEA; however, I don't live near one and a recent trip to Hobby Lobby and Michaels revealed that their idea of frames is much more ornate and traditional than mine. Does anyone know of any online sources for decent, simple, frames in the IKEA style (preferably with glass, not the clear plastic bendable stuff)?

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I've looked but have yet to find something good. IKEA doesn't sell their frames online (unless you can buy them via the catalog? I don't know ...)

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One source: We've purchased these Gallery Frames from Blick Art Materials, which have a similar look to the Ikea frames and are available online (but do have an acrylic face, not glass, due to shipping concerns). We're hoping to get more suggestions in the comments - please add yours below...

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