Good Questions: Premade or Custom?

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Annabelle has a question for the crowd: I've been debating about this for a while and am at a loss, so I figured I'd ask the experts out there in the blogging world. I was given this great sofa and chair for my first apartment, but I would really like to get them recovered. I was hoping for something more bold and colorful (although I suppose some might call this geometric pastel pattern bold and colorful...). One of the walls in the room is a cream color, the other is a light green. Should I go with a pre-made cover, or custom?

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The sofa has a pull-out bed that I'll probably be using occasionally, but if I have to forgo decor and remove the cover for a night or two, so be it! Any resources would be of great help, as I have never gotten anything recovered before. Thanks!

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Good Questions

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