Good Questions: Queen Bed as Sofa?

Good Questions: Queen Bed as Sofa?

Janel Laban
Aug 11, 2008

Serena has a good question: Our tiny studio apartment can fit only one - a sofa or a queen-size bed, and the rooms are only wide enough to have it against the wall (otherwise I would've done the ingenious bed-in-the-middle-of-the-room (shown above).

Most sofa beds I've seen are either too boring, too expensive, or too hard for sleeping on every night (especially for my Mr. with back problems). I've been considering turning our queen-size bed into a sofa...

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...(or, eww, "day bed") by using a fine design bed frame and intricately arranged cushions. But will it just look ridiculous mostly covered with cushions? Will my quests feel weird sitting on our bed when they come over? Or can my bed be effectively disguised?

The new IKEA VINSTRA, GRIMSTAD, or GRIMEN bed frames seem to have the height and perhaps cushy appearance I'm seeking. Has anyone successfully done this? Tips for cushion arrangement? or a suggestion of a sofa bed you love sleeping on every night?

Please add your responses to Serena's design dilemma in the comments below - thanks!

Top Photo: Douglas Friedman/Domino Bottom Photos: Ikea

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