Good Questions: Question About Width of Hall Runner

Good Questions: Question About Width of Hall Runner

Gregory Han
Mar 13, 2009
We recently acquired "A Little of This" Flor tiles to create a runner at the end of our long hallway.  We love the tiles (as does the cat, as you can see) but I keep having this urge to cut one column of tiles in half, so that the total width of the carpet is 26" instead of 39"...

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Currently, the edges of the carpet are about an inch-and-a-half from the baseboard, which seems a little tight, especially given how nice our floors our.  When I described this to my husband and mother, however, they were both puzzled.  Is my instinct right, or should I just leave it as is?Thanks! -Anna

What do you think AT community? We'd personally trim between 3/4"-1" from each side instead of cutting only one FLOR tile in half but would love to hear your opinion on the matter to help Anna's runner dilemma.

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