Good Questions: Recovering This Footlocker?

Good Questions: Recovering This Footlocker?

Aaron Able
Feb 2, 2009

I have an old footlocker left over from my college days that I would like to update and put to better use. It's the standard blue with black trim and brass hardware (see picture) and certainly isn't much to look at so it has been hidden in the spare room for now. I think it is constructed of plywood covered in some sort of vinyl. Does anyone know of a good way to recover the blue vinyl on the trunk with decorative paper or fabric? Is there a good adhesive for this purpose? I was also considering painting it or contact papering it if regular paper or fabric don't work. It probably won't need to stand up to extreme abuse, just light use for storage and maybe a platform for the cat's bed. Has anyone tried this or have any better suggestions? Thanks for your help, Jenn

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