Good Questions: Roomate Insulation?

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Hello AT,

My roommate and I share a railroad apartment, we want to close the door in the center. I have done this, covered it with foam and then covered it with vinyl held with fabric tacks but it still sounds as if he's right next to me. Is ther any recomendations for insulation or a person who could fill the door in for me on the cheep?

All help appreciated, Russell

The thing that we have learned about sound is that to stop it you need a combination of a hard surface outside and air pocketed inside. This is what hollow-core doors do. You could either take the existing door out, foam the inside and place two thicker pieces of Luan on either side to seal it off or you could place luan on top of your existing door, sandwiching it inside. If you send in pics, we could say more.... (Thanks, Russell!) MGR

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Good Questions

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