Good Questions: Desk Speakers

Good Questions: Desk Speakers

Mar 18, 2008

Steven writes to ask: "I have a question about blending technology with iconic designs. I have an Eames desk coupled with an Eames aluminum group chair. While I am completely in love with the desk and chair combo, I can't seem to find a set of computer speakers that don't stick out like sore thumbs with the overall appearance of the desk. My Macbook Pro lives on the desk and I'd like to use iTunes to play music. I'm currently so discouraged by the speakers that I have seen that I am doing without them and playing music through the built in speakers on the laptop. Do you know of a computer speaker that will both compliment the look of the desk and perform well?"

We love these Sonicum speakers from future design icon, Art Lebedev. While these won't blend in, their profile is striking and the simple, angular lines would provide a nice contrast to the Eames pieces. We've seen these speakers in person, and neither the design nor the sound quality disappoint. They retail for around $125 for the pair, plus subwoofer.

Another thought to keep in mind is that virtually any speaker can become a computer speaker with the right attachments. If you find a vintage style that better complements your decor, you can simply get a few, inexpensive connectors and turn any speaker set into a computer-ready system.

Anyone want to weigh in on what they think might look good on Steven's desk?

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