Good Questions: Staining Wood Floors?

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Hello AT,

I own an apt. with typical NYC parquet floors in light oak. I would love dark floors. Has anyone had success sanding and staining parquet a dark ebony color?

I'm not sure if it will look weird or take stain irregularly b/c I'll bet the floor guys will lay the stain down in only 1 direction.

Otherwise, I would float dark 'click' boards over it. Any advice on anything to put in between to help cut down on floor noise for my downstairs neighbor?
Thank you! ALM

Dear ALM: You can absolutely sand and stain parquet floors. The only problem is that if in order for the stain to get into the wood you need to sand down far enough to remove all the old polyurethane.

If you have thin floors, this might be a problem. However, I have even stained over an old floor that had some poly still in it, let it dry, and then successfully laid new layers of polyurethane.

It really depends on your floor and if your floor guy is good. Anyone else have any good advice?

As for the noise question, one word: rugs. MGR

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Good Questions

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