Good Questions: Techy Gifts for Valentine's Day?

Good Questions: Techy Gifts for Valentine's Day?

Anthony Nguyen
Feb 2, 2009

Dear Unplggd,

I'm looking for a clever gift for my girlfriend this Valentine's Day, but I'm not looking for diamond rings or candles - I want something that's personalized and memorable. Any ideas?


Thanks for writing, Brian. It's true chocolates and flowers don't always do the trick these days, so here are a few ideas to help bring a smile on the face of that special someone:

Suck UK has a customizable 64MB USB Stick Mix Tape - storing up to 1 hour of digital music (same as an old school C60 cassette tape), forcing you to think carefully when picking and choosing songs that hold the most significance for that love of yours.

Does she love video games? Then why not grab her a Nintendo DS Lite and a lovely skin from Skinizi, a UK company that features skins from designers all over the world. They also make skins for laptops, iPods, iPhones, and netbooks.

One of our favorites are the pixel-inspired designs by eBoy, featuring sophisticated artwork of rampaging robots climbing big buildings next to tanned bikini girls.

Have some other gift ideas for Brian? Let him know in the comments!

[via New York Times]

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