Good Questions: The Ugly Kitchen

Good Questions: The Ugly Kitchen

Gregory Han
Feb 10, 2009

Nathalie writes in:
I am the owner of an ugly kitchen. Walls are covered in beige plastic complimented by dark brown marble. I started painting it white ( plastic bits, not walls) and am planning on replacing the countertop and sink. It's pretty much all I can afford at this point. Here's my question: what about wallpaper ( such as Tempaper) and sort of emulate the glorious 70's vibe that is the heart and soul of my ugly kitchen? Thanks for your answers. Nathalie

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Nathalie, we'd love for you to embrace your inner disco era 70's diva within and cover your walls with the GIO rust and silver wallpaper. Using wallpaper is a very economical solution for drastically changing the appearance of a room with a modest investment, with Tempaper a smart choice since you'll be able to change it out if the look doesn't float your boat a few years down the line. There are other temporary wallpapers to choose from, as noted in one of our previous posts here, noting one reader's experience:

We applied Tempaper to the walls of our guest bathroom, right over the 80's flame-stitch wallpaper and with great success. Couldn't have been easier. And it's exactly like really nice contact paper, if by really nice contact paper you mean no one would ever guess it's not traditional paste and pattern. I'd never have tried to actually wallpaper this bathroom -- it's so small, we'd rather wrestle cats in there -- but this product is easy to handle and can be flawlessly applied. Honest. And affordable -- we used exactly one roll, at a cost of $80.
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