Good Questions: How Can I Make My Fire Escape More Private?


Amy sent us an email: "Dear Apartment Therapy and AT readers, I live in Brooklyn above the outdoor area of a charming cafe that is extremely popular for brunch. Charming except when I open my curtains or window in the morning in my pjs and morning hair, to a backyard full of people having brunch...

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...and yes, when I go to my windows, people do look, as I am only one floor up. I have good rent, so I don't want to move. (BTW, that area of the cafe was not there when I first moved in). I would love some suggestions to create some privacy - perhaps attach something from my fire escape that is attractive, weather proof, yet legal? I would love to be able to occasionally sit out on my fire escape, but don't like the idea of being on stage for the diners. thanks!"

Any suggestions for Amy?