Good Questions: To Paint or Not to Paint?

Good Questions: To Paint or Not to Paint?

Gregory Han
Jan 20, 2009

Kristine writes in:
My husband and I finally bought our dream house overlooking a lake. We have changed everything, with the exception of the living room (20x24). I am stuck!! Should we paint the wood ceiling? It is nice cedar planks, but the color is pretty orangey. The carpet was a bad decision, I know. I have to live with it for a couple of years, but eventually will replace it with hardwood. I first had the idea of keeping all of the wood and making this look like a 70s rec room, but that may be the worst idea possible. Can you help me? To paint or not to paint the ceiling. Thanks!

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Kristine, we love the wood paneled ceilings, as they're completely in tune with the rest of the interior details of your lakeside home and provide a warmth to your interior. That being said, there are striking examples of updating a lake house to a more modern finish, as illustrated by this striking Modern Lake House by Murdock Young Architects. Readers, what's your 2 cents about the matter?

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