Good Questions: Tot Loks

Good Questions: Tot Loks

Carrie McBride
May 14, 2008

Ann writes in with a timely question for Safety Month:

I just had some new cabinets installed (Shaker style) and was hoping to use the magnetic Tot Loks. My contractor says my cabinets are too thick. Anyone have experience with this or recommend any other cabinet locks? Thanks!

Ann, we're afraid we can't be much help on this one as we haven't used cabinet locks before. The reviews we read of Tot Loks were generally very positive, but most parents noted that they were difficult to install. We found a helpful and detailed review with installation tips at Epinions which noted this about cabinet thickness:

This is definitely a time when you must read through all of the instructions, the most important one being about the thickness or your cabinetry. If your door is less than 5/8th of an inch, you don't have to use the plunger or the extension slug. For a door thickness of 5/8ths to 1 and 1/8th of an inch you omit the extension slug. From 1 and 1/8th to 1 and 9/16ths of an inch, you will need the extension slug. If the thickness is close to the maximum measurement, the best thing might be to add the suggested pieces so you can be sure the door will unlock.

Readers - can you help Ann out? Do you have experience with Tot Loks or other cabinet locks?

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