Good Questions: What do with this fireplace?

Good Questions: What do with this fireplace?

Grace Shu
Dec 17, 2007

AT:LA reader Henry writes:

After first removing the existing faux marble tiles, how would you proceed considering that the grey carpet is being replaced with hard wood floors? Would you re-tile in slate or a lighter color? Would you add a mantel?
Advice please!

Dear Henry,

This one's a bit tricky for us, particularly because the fireplace is floating on the wall--although we think that aspect definitely lends itself to a very modern and sleek fireplace that you could frame with anything from slate to concrete to stainless steel (check out European Home's gallery for examples). You also wouldn't need to retile up the wall or install a mantel.

But if you're aiming for something a bit more traditional, we happen to love the look of The Alhambra fireplace from Chesney. Although there might be a need for some kind of step in front of the fireplace if you were going for this classic option.

Anyone else have suggestions?

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