Good Questions: What Should I Do With My Scary Hallway?

100808-hallway01.jpgDespite what you might think, we bloggers have challenges in our homes as well. Grace has shared her dilemmas over refacing her fireplace and painting her house. The answers have always been so helpful, we thought we'd ask what to do with our hallway...

Yup, it's pretty sad. But here's the dilemma. It connects all the rooms of our house together: our gray bedroom, our yellow living room, our lavender bathroom and our white-with-yellow-tiles kitchen. The door is the back entrance, leading to a common hallway and the laundry room. We've thought about painting it blue (note the colour swatches on the wall) or hot pink, decorating it with these Blik decals and we've considered wallpaper (lately, this one and this one). What do you guys think?