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[ Photo from Charles and Marie ]

AT:LA reader Nick writes: I would like to hang my keys near the door and don't have the option of placing them in a bowl or something similar since there's no room for a console table.

But most of the hooks or holders that I've seen that are specifically designed to hold keys are novelty-themed (mostly animals). This really isn't my style.

Can you or any of your readers possibly direct me to some modern styles? Or will I have to resort to just plain hooks?

And for the readers - how do you hang or hold your keys?

Dear Nick,

We love this super sleek keyholder from Charles and Marie called the Marvelous Key Rack. It's a simple piece of natural oil-treated oak with a slot in the middle that will hold your keys in place. Mount it on the wall near your door, and you can even use it as a handy shelf to hold outgoing mail or even your wallet. If you're into more kitschy goods, there's the His n' Her keyholder at Perpetual Kid.

Anyone else have any suggestions?