Good Questions: What to Do with my Speakers

Good Questions: What to Do with my Speakers

Sonia Zjawinski
Aug 29, 2008

Dear Unplggd readers,
Yes it's me, your Unplggd editor, Soniaz. I need your help. I've recently moved my TV into a small closet that fits my TV perfectly and my components, well, almost perfectly (still dealing with those wires). The one problem I'm having is, I have no idea where to put my speakers. I don't want to leave them on the floor. I was thinking of mounting them on the wall, on either side of the closet, but I'm not sure if they'll stick out way too much. Have any suggestions?

I was considering getting Ikea's wooden planter stands and placing them on either side of the TV, where my speakers currently are, and simply placing my speakers on them. I know it won't give me any floor space, but at least it will get them off the ground and looking a bit more purposeful.

I was also thinking of installing small ledges on the inner wall of the closet and placing my speakers there.

Thought these Pottery Barn shelves in white may do the trick. They're about two inches smaller than my speaker base though.

Got a better idea? Lets do some brainstorming together!

photos: soniaz, ikea, pottery barn

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