Good Questions: Non-Carpet Floor Tiles?

Good Questions: Non-Carpet Floor Tiles?

Janel Laban
Nov 29, 2006

Lisa sent in a good question. "I am looking for flexible, changeable, non-carpet floor tiles. Something like FLOR carpet tiles, but of some kind of vinyl, rubber or plastic material. I have 3 dogs and just can not do a traditional rug, but want to create a feeling of separation in an open space. I think I have seen some really interesting tiles designed, but can't remeber where or by whom! Thanks!"

You may have seen the MIYO tile system by Armstrong. They are 16" square hard vinyl flooring tiles that are removable/changeable. They are available it solids and patterns, and you can order samples (as well as the entire system, actually) online.

Anyone know of other flexible, non-carpet options for Lisa? Also, we are curious about he MIYO system - has anyone seen a sample in person or tried them yet?

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