Good Quotes: Catherine Levy On Treasure Hunting

Good Quotes: Catherine Levy On Treasure Hunting

Janel Laban
Mar 3, 2008

"My boyfriend's place was my apartment, I guess, but we did nothing to it except looking in the garbage and picking up things in the street that we found. We had no money...

...but it was fun.

We were in the neighborhood where all the craftsmen making jewelry worked, and they had a lot of technical pieces of furniture - cabinets with little drawers. My office is now full of these things.

In Paris, we have these big green containers that the city puts in certain streets for a week, and everybody puts their junk in them. So we managed to get the schedule of where the containers would be each week and we went out especially to look in them."

-Catherine Levy, Tse & Tse

Quote via: Home by Stafford Cliff
Photo: Tse & Tse

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