Sale Stuff from Urban Outfitters

Sale Stuff from Urban Outfitters

Heather Blaha
Sep 5, 2006

Whether or not you shop for "distressed" tees at Urban Outfitters, every once in a while a peek is worth it for some random deals for your apartment. On sale right now online, we found a couple great items, including these Souper Douper bowls (in mint).

The large ceramic bowls, $14.99, are part of a line that includes smaller Souper bowls as well as these great Squircle plates.

We also spotted this 5' x 7' wool rug on sale for $49.99 (it was $140!). Photo below:

In the past, we've purchased a wool rug from UO that has worn well; it is now in its third year and doing fine. So far that's been our only apartment purchase from UO...anyone else have stories about the quality of any products you've taken home?

Check out all apartment-centric sale items here.

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