Goodbye Detergent! Now Available in the US

Earlier this year we told you about these naturally abrasive scrubber and pads made of recycled corn cobs, peach pits, & walnut shells. Unfortunately they were only available in the UK, but now these cool scrubs are available at a number of retailers.

Goodbye Detergent! comes in the Original Spaghetti Scrubs (corn cobs and peach pits), Kitchen Cleaning Pads (walnut shells, recycled plastic, and non-woven nylon) and Outdoor Scouring Pads (walnut shells). Each product is available in varying hardness depending on your needs and there are also multiple pads for different kitchen materials.

Goodbye Detergent! is now available at Amazon and Uncommon Goods, but check out the Goodbye Detergent! website for the full listing.