Google Chrome is the Browser of Today

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Web browsers are far from perfect. You especially know this is true if you've had your computer for more than a few years. Running slow? Closing Tabs... but nothing seems to work? Google feels your pain and has designed a browser around today's Web needs. They've even designed a comic to help you understand how they did it. (The comic was leaked on their Web site, which made them announce their product early!) Check it out under the jump...

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It should be released by Wednesday, if the rumors are to be believed, and will be available on Windows only, while Mac and Linux versions will be available later.

Some of the more interesting points of the Chrome browser include a new user interface that places the tabs above the address bar, instead of the traditional way, incognito mode, which will allow you to browse the web in complete privacy without recording any of your activity, and a new JavaScript engine to speed things up.

Check out the comic here.

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