Google HQ Workspace Contest Winners

Google HQ Workspace Contest Winners

Joelle Alcaidinho
Jun 13, 2013

It's amazing what a little bit of paint, plants, and pops of color can do for a workspace! A recent in-house competition at the Google HQ in Mountain View pitted teams of employees to creatively makeover their workspace. The team that eventually won transformed their area with just three elements you too can use in any home office or cubicle...

Here's the "before" photo. There obviously wasn't much going on in the style department in Gina, Christopher and Gina's workspace. Google is known for their love of primary colors and whimsy, but their section was mostly an example of function over form. Armed with paint, plants, and some Android-themed accessories, the trio set out to change their environment to reflect a more welcoming and fun-filled spot to work from.

They spent just $35 on accessories and chalkboard paint to cover the surfaces of their desks, and another $65 on plants (easy to tend succulents from local Flora Grubb Gardens). The theme revolved around Android; using existing items in the office like the green chairs and desk trays to infuse personality into their communal desk for three. 

We think they did a great job transforming their workspace in short order, and there are a few ideas here to steal here, specifically the use of a long box planter as desk divider for shared back-to-back desks, and the DIY chalkboard paint desk surface (and the cute way they marked where to keep everything).

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Thanks, Gina, Christopher, and Gina for sharing your project and space!

(Images: Christopher Katsaros for Google)

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