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Gatefeeder cat feeding system$249.00Gatefeeder

You've got a fat cat. No really, it's not big boned or a little pudgy. It's F-A-T. It's not uncommon, a surprise, nor necessarily completely your fault. Out in the wild, your feline friend would be hunting its dinner, the required activity keeping it svelte, the inconsistency of the hunt reducing calories. Bu the moden pet cat has it easy, with a perpetually filled-up dinner bowl waiting for them throughout the day. Gatekeeper uses a RFID sensor collar to control when and which cat is allowed to eat, particularly handy when you're a multi-feline household and one of them seems to harbor the pig gene when it comes to eating, automating feeding with smart technology resulting in a healthier, slimmer cat(s). Check out the video below to see how it all works.