(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
We're surprised to find ourselves so admiring a product made of plastic foam. Here's the case for this clever wine rack by Dutch designer Robert Bronwasser:
  • It's made of expanded polypropylene, which is one of the least harmful plastics to manufacture. It's commonly used as a packing material for high-end electronic goods that must have the best protection against shipping damage possible.
  • It is light weight, which means it is not carbon-intensive to ship.
  • It's stackable, so several can be piled on a floor or countertop to save space—turning your wine stash into an aesthetic object.
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
We spotted the Grape in Danish home magazine Bo Bedre, then found it online at goods.nl (in Dutch), on the designer's own site, and available for purchase in the US at Greener Grass Design. (That link gets you to the product, but seems to break the interface for the rest of the Greener Glass site. Start here to see everything they carry.)

Nota bene: we can't figure out if wall mounting hardware is included or if it requires a separate kit, so that's something to clarify before you buy.