Inspiration: Grass as Art

Inspiration: Grass as Art

Jul 7, 2008

A green roof alone is ambitious. Yet British art duo Heather Ackroyd and Dan Harvey have done one better and then some, greening churches, galleries and other public buildings. Now, they've made grass into photographic displays for Wimbledon.

A commercial commission, this project used panels covered in grass seedlings as photo paper. In a dark room, the artists projected a black-and-white negative image onto each panel for 12 hours a day for one week. The image developed as the grass responded to the varying light exposure.

The installation's subjects are a Wimbledon player, head groundskeeper, and a coach for the Wimbledon Junior Initiative.

Some past projects:

The Flytower commission transformed London's National Theater
This seminal project literally re-covered an abandoned church
A takeoff on bricks based on the $1 bill, as seen at Rice University