Advice From a Designer About Keeping the Home Office Organized

Advice From a Designer About Keeping the Home Office Organized

Gregory Han
Mar 29, 2012

Not only do we admire the orderly aesthetic of Wayne Pate's studio home office, as showcased over at Grain Edit, but he also offers great advice for anyone struggling with keeping their home or workspace organized:

Organizing is something you get better at over time; it takes practice, I think. Lots of time spent organizing makes one a good organizer! If your a designer, you have to approach as you would a layout.

Another organizing idea from Wayne's studio space is using matching vintage-style document and filing boxes. We've got a few letter filing boxes (disguised as books) in our own home office, and we can attest they're a deceptively attractive way to hide that ugly bird's nest of miscellaneous paper items that often mess desks or desk drawers.

Your best bet for finding these are at flea markets or Etsy.

Prefer more of a modern look? The Classic Stockholm Office Storage Boxes at the Container Store are an effective tool for staying organized. Having a "place for everything" designated beforehand makes keeping both home office and home as a whole manageable.

Check out the full tour and interview over at Grain Edit.

Images: Wayne Pate

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