Great Bedside Light: Cube Lamp by Lampa

Great Bedside Light: Cube Lamp by Lampa

Maxwell Ryan
Mar 26, 2009

When I was in Los Angeles last month I ran into an old favorite that I hadn't seen in awhile: the Cube Lamp by Lampa. Kelly van Patter was using two of them in her bedroom, where they cast an lovely soft glow over the bedside and were super easy to turn on and off by just touching the base of the lamp...

It sounds silly, but being able to turn on and off the lamp by just touching it makes a big difference when the alternative is fishing for the switch under the shade or struggling for the switch on the cord, which always falls down the back of the side table. It's a really nice touch.

What I also liked about the Cube was it's relatively small size, which makes it great for a bedside. It is hard to find smaller bedside lamps that have a luxurious feeling. This one is very modern with a small footprint, but it's chameleon-like in it's ability to fit into any number of styles, and it's shade makes it seem bigger than it is.

The Cube lamp is made of powder coated steel with a white linen shade and a three way switch that gets you low, medium and high light. It comes in white (like Kelly's) but also in bright color: Clay, Canary, Orange, Lichen, and Watermelon (90 more colors are available for custom orders), is 10 x 10 x 16" and goes for $335 retail.

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