Spotlighting the Best of DSLR Videos and the Cameras That Shot Them

Just as smartphones have replaced point-and-shoot cameras for still snapshots, DSLR's have overtaken camcorders for video. If you own a DSLR model from the last few years, chances are you're equipped with a hi-definition video camera. Here are several examples of some of the most beautiful and inspiring videos, shot completely with popular DSLR's, hopefully inspiring to turn the mode dial to "video" the next time you step out with your camera...

The first video (above) comes to you from the Canon 5D Mark III — what many are hailing as the new king for DSLR video. Retail price $3499.99

Here are some other gorgeous videos shot with popular DSLR's in a variety of price ranges.

Shot with aNikon D90 - Retail Price $899

Shot with Sony Alpha A77 - Retail Price $1699

Shot with Canon 5D Mark II. Retail price $1799 - discontinued model (but you can still find at a variety of outlets)

Shot with a Nikon D4. Nikon's flagship camera that holds nothing back by bringing you all the latest tech. Retail Price $5999

(Images: As Linked)