Create Your Own Electricity In Case Of Prolonged Blackouts

Create Your Own Electricity In Case Of Prolonged Blackouts

Joel Pirela
Aug 17, 2011

After a hurricane, tornado or other natural disaster is passed, with planning, you'll be thanking yourself you got that backup generator. Let's take a look at some compact power generators available for emergency situations...

Yamaha Inverter Generator EF3000iSE
The Yamaha EF3000iSE is a very quiet generator with only 51dB of running sound. It comes with a built in economy control, which chooses the minimum RPS necessary depending on the amount of electrical load being requested. It has a very compact body and a low weight of 147 lbs. The fuel efficient motor, will keep you going for up to 20.5 hours. It even has DC output for battery charging. A little bit pricey but totally worth it.

Stanley 8000 Watt
The Stanley comes with an electric start and a design that's capable of running in wet weather conditions. A 15HP engine and a 12 gallon fuel tank will offer 18 hours of non stopping power. It has a removable control panel that you can place on a safe location and the digital diagnosis meter even shows service intervals.

Honda EB3000C
The Honda EB3000C is an emergency grade generator, it will supply 2,600 Watts. Easy to start OHV (over head Valve) engine that's very reliable. Also provides 12 volts charging and shuts the engine down in the event of oil starvation. This is the one we've got. Haven't used yet but it's good to know that it's in there, in case we need it.

Subaru Robin R1700i
The Subaru is the easiest to carry around. Special controller makes this perfect for powering computers and equipment sensitive to voltage surges. Very quiet in operation and ultra portable. Using inverter technology, the RPM's control unit, automatically maintains engine speed to electrical load, reducing fuel use by about 20%. 1600 Watts may not be a lot but enough to keep your core gadgets going while power is restored.

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