Great Green Furnishings: from StructuredGreen

Great Green Furnishings: from StructuredGreen

Trent Johnson
Aug 22, 2008

chairhalf082208.jpegI stumbled upon Structured Green furniture yesterday while browsing the Web and was very impressed with their selection of green furniture from various designers. Though most of their items are out of my price range, it's a great resource to see some great modern designs. Additionally, they list what qualities make each individual piece green.

For example, the blue Water Senna Lounge Chair has the following green qualities and also comes in a sofa:

  • Biodegradable latex rubber

  • FSC certified hardwood frames

  • Non-toxic adhesives

  • Jute and latex webbing

  • Organic cotton batting

  • OEKO-tex certified fabrics

  • Non-toxic wood finishes

The Swilken Bench is made from reclaimed hardwood lumber and concrete.

They even have pet beds!
The Bella Bed is made from eco2 recycled cotton, which is recycled pre-consumer apparel fiber. According to StructuredGreen, Using recycled fiber eliminates the need to grow, process, and dye the fiber. The high loft fiberfill in the Bella Bed is made from recycled soft drink bottles, or PET. PET is highly recyclable and can be transformed again and again for many different uses.

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