Great Idea: Corkboard Covered Stainless Steel Refrigerator

Great Idea: Corkboard Covered Stainless Steel Refrigerator

Cate West Zahl
Mar 8, 2012

With all of these fancy stainless steel refrigerators becoming standard practice, the whole idea of "fridge art" is a dying concept. But because of cork, it doesn't have to be.

What a great idea: covering your stainless steel door (or any refrigerator door for that matter) with a lightweight piece of cork board to create an instant area to display kid's art, invitations, postcards, etc. Here's one very basic way to go about it.

Step One: Get a piece of cork. It's best to measure out the space exactly and get a flattened sheet cut down to those exact specifications from your local hardware store. Online, your best bet is Manton Cork. It's key to get a piece that is lightweight.

Step Two: Adhesive. You want a type of adhesive that is strong, but that will remove cleanly. This is why 3M Command Picture Hanging Strips work really well. They are also thin enough so that the cork will almost be flush to the surface of the refrigerator. Line the top and sides of the piece of cardboard with a few of these strips. Avoid putting the strips in the middle as you want a little bit of space between the cork and door for the pins to stick through.

Step Three: Velcro. To keep the cork board from swinging at the bottom, sticking it with a few sticky pieces of Velcro at the bottom of the fridge will work well. You could also just use more 3M strips.

For an artistic and sophisticated look when pinning your pictures, seek out unique push pins. These floral fabric covered pins are fun if you're into a feminine look, or you could go the industrial route.

(Image via LoftLife)

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