Decor Ideas for a Kids' Olympics Party

Etsy Finds

It's almost time for the Olympics. Whether or not we're for boycotting it, or watching it, or even going there, kids get a kick out of this event. There are many ways to get kids into the spirit of the Games, but one fun way is to have a party. It can be a themed-birthday, a specific event celebration, watching a discipline night, and so many more. Whichever you choose, using your wild Apartment Therapy reader imagination, it's a kick to decorate the house and have accessories to celebrate with.


1. Garland, $ 7.98
2. Vintage Poster, $20.53
3. Olympic Torch, $55
4. Crochet Picture Frame, $6.93
5. Vintage Medals, $15


6. Rings Confettis, $2.25
7. Vintage Lake Placid Poster, $12.50
8. Medal Invitations, $3.50
9. Photobooth Props, $11.95
10. Tickets Invitations, $9


11. Rings Cookie Cutter, $2.50
12. Party Kit, $9.99
13. Treat Bag Labels, $4.25
14. Straws, $3.60
15. American Girl Accessories, $8.98

(Image credits: Gfetti; Artrep1; abbydid; Roest; ArtistAttic; AllForMom; aswegoArts; PalmBeachPolkadots; MaroDesigns; nowanorris; cookiecutterguy; squirrelandnutcrea; NspireDesign; PuppyCatCrafts; Childrenswoodland)