Great, Simple, Affordable Shelves

Great, Simple, Affordable Shelves

Laure Joliet
Sep 19, 2008

Recently we were at the new Firefly store in Venice when our friend commented on how much she liked the solid, simple shelves they were using for a display. She was surprised to hear where they were from and even more surprised to hear the price:

Giving the Expedit Systema run for its money is the Norrebo Shelf System from Ikea. The one pictured is $250 (only $50 more than the Expedit of the same size) and the smaller one below is $170.

Not only is the design simple but the natural wood looks modern and somehow, expensive. The shelves are solid enough to stand on their own and don't wiggle around even with heavy books on them. Use them to divide a space or to create a private nook. The lower version could make an excellent under-a-window storage system or extra counter top in the kitchen.

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