Great Gifts for the Design Loving Bicyclist

Is there a bicyclist in your life who's also a design lover? We've got a great roundup of stylish accessories, in all sorts of price ranges.

1. Hövding: Dubbed the invisible bike helmet, Hövding is an airbag for cyclists and is an awesome innovation. Not sure what we mean? Take a look at it in action in the video above. Like all new tech inventions, it is not inexpensive but would make a fantastic, albeit luxe, gift. €399 ~$548

2. Nantucket Bike Baskets: For the bicyclist that loves the classics, these bike baskets are beautiful and come in a range of sizes and colours. Prices start at $45.

3. Light & Motion Urban 200: A very useful gift and a nice upgrade if your bicyclist is not already sporting powerful lights, the Urban 200 is an excellent bike light (as is their VIS 180 Micro taillight) and is rechargeable. $79.

4. Knog Frog Strobe: These cleverly designed lights not only wrap easily on the bike, but they also work nicely on helmets (I put mine on my helmet straps). $15.

5. ABUS Bordo Combo Lite: It's a lightweight folding lock that is easy to carry and use. $89.

6. Vespertine VESPERT Sequins: A very pretty reflective gear option for the cyclist that rides post dusk. These lightweight vests come in a range of bright colors, but my favorite is this sequined one. $138.

7. Linus Pipette: This little bag is made for either the handlebars or under the seat, and it's perfect for stowing one's phone and keys while riding. $46.

8. LEZYNE Alloy Drive Co2: A great gift for the cyclist that likes to be prepared but doesn't want to carry a large bike pump, this tiny Co2 inflater weighs only 46g! Prefer to give a hand pump instead? Take a gander at the Micro Floor Drive HP. $28.

9. Po Campo Logan Trunk Bag: Everyone I know who owns one of these trunk bags raves about them. They are durable enough for the bike yet fun and functional enough to work as a purse when not riding. $85.

10. Goodordering Pannier: A more gender neutral bag option that also comes highly recommended, the vintage style panniers from Goodordering can fit a 15" MacBook Pro and easily transition into a shoulder bag. £59.00 ~$97.

Special thank you to Houndstooth Road for providing shopping guidance and an excellent photo shoot location.

As a bicyclist, what's the most useful gift you've ever received?

(Image credits: Hövding; Omar Gonzalez; Vespertine; LEZYNE; Goodordering)

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