The Gallery Andrew Zimmerman

The Gallery Andrew Zimmerman

amy chase
Mar 6, 2008

Green #1, 2007, collage on paper, 30 x 22” paper 28 x 20” image

Introducing Andrew Zimmerman who draws with scissors (above) and a saw. Yep, a saw! He is working in that sweet spot between painting and sculpture. Check 'em out below.

He cuts strips from wood panels – freehand (i.e. drawing with a saw) which gives them an irresistible irregularity – then reassembles these with a little breathing room between the strips and glues them down to a new panel.

Group of lacquered panels, ZIM012, ZIM020 ZIM014, ZIM028, ZIM029

I get the sense of “expansion” -- but they also remind me of wood grain – all fauxed up, but still made of wood. All dressed up in a coat of shiny enamel paint.

2007.04, 2007, Acrylic and enamel on panel, 52" x 35" (detail)

2007.11, 2007, enamel on panel, 53 x 37 inches

2007.06, 2007, enamel on panel, 52 x 43”

2007.02, 2007, enamel on panel, 24 x 18 inches

And here, some more paper collages...

white on red, 2007, collage on paper 30 x 22” paper 28 x 20”image

You can see his work at the his site, but best of all, you can see his work on exhibition now at Sears-Peyton, The Expansion Series.

Inquiries about the works featured here? Please contact the nice folks at Sears-Peyton via email, or come out and see the work yourself at the
Sears-Peyton Gallery, located at 210 11th Avenue, Suite 802, (between 24th and 25th Streets), NYC. Phone: 212.966.7469

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