Green as a Thistle: The Last Day

Green as a Thistle: The Last Day

Stephanie Kinnear
Feb 28, 2008

We've blogged about Vanessa from Green as a Thistle numerous times over the course of the last 7 months or so because we've been endlessly impressed by her dedication and her witty style.

Her goal, and the whole point of her blog, has been to make one green change in her life everyday and to sustain those changes for a whole year.

Well, today is No. 365.

This means that either today or tomorrow (we're a bit fuzzy on the details) is the end of Vanessa's green lifestyle experiment and, we're expecting something climactic out of this Canadian journalist.

She's going to do something big, we're pretty sure of it. She's already sold her car and unplugged her fridge. What will her final act of greenness be? And what will her first non-green indulgence be, as soon as the year is up?

You better tune in to find out!

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