gDiapers: Green Baby Bottoms

gDiapers: Green Baby Bottoms

Janel Laban
Jun 13, 2007

(Welcome to Manda, one of the finalists in our Editor search for the upcoming Apartment Therapy Green blog. She's writing from Chicago. Comment away!)

Unbelievable to many, the battle over cloth and disposable diapers still rages. Not that the disposable advocates are really trying to convince anyone that they are good, or even better, for the environment, but just that cloth can be almost as bad. The two-party system, however, just got a third contender: the gDiaper.

The Natural Resources Defense Council had this to say recently: "gDiapers seem to have the environmental edge over more conventional choices because they send no material to the landfill, use no elemental chlorine or plastics, and require much less washing (therefore, less water and energy usage) than regular cloth diapers."

The g's are a cloth outer, with a snap-in plastic liner, and a disposable insert that can be flushed, or when only wet, composted. The inner is made from a non-toxic, non-bleached material and with a few tugs and tears and a little bit of stirring, really does go down the toilet, which, the founders say, is where excrement belongs.

The g's receive, by and large, rave reviews from consumers. More costly than just a cloth system, but comparable in cost to other high-end disposables such as Pampers, the g system is far more fashionable than an ordinary disposable could ever be, coming in an array of bright colors and designs with a Superman-cum-baby "g" on the rear.

Green mamas there are no longer any excuses left: it's time to go green from top to bottom.

Find out more about gDiapers here.


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