5 Resources for Green Back-to-School Supplies

5 Resources for Green Back-to-School Supplies

Trent Johnson
Aug 26, 2010
I'm heading back to school soon, so I'm stocking up on pens and notebooks. Emily recently posted on a PVC-free school supplies, and here are five more eco-friendly school supply resources that caught my eye, from where to get green office supplies to a list of the best products for kids.

1 Rebinder can get you off to the right start with their Green School Supply Kit (pictured above). Each kit containers the basics including a recycled Chipboard binder, recycled notebooks, and recycled pocket folders.

2 TreeSmart has been making rolled-up recycled newspaper pencils since 1998 when it began hand rolling their pencils from recycled newsprint. The adhesive is non-toxic and the pencil is powered by a HB graphite core.

3 The Green Office is a one-stop online retailer with over 34,000 green office products. They've got pretty much anything you need for home, going to school or even a small business.

4 RealSimple points out that kids can be ready to take on their school year with a battery of eco-friendly supplies. From soy crayons to reusable lunch bags, their list is a great start to making sure a child's school gear treads lightly on the Earth.

5 Green Line Paper is another one-stop shop for recycled and natural paper products of all types, home and office. They also sell green cleaners and can help you green your workspace.

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