Green Camping: Bodum's Young Press

Green Camping: Bodum's Young Press

When it comes to green escapes, we can't think of anything much better than a camping trip.

Many of us, especially in California, are lucky enough to be surrounded by amazing campgrounds. You can drive 30 minutes and feel like you're hundreds of miles away. And, once you get there, tent camping leaves a very small footprint. (We'll have to talk about campfires in another post.)

When we camp, the highlight is always breakfast -- eggs and really strong coffee.

That's where Bodum's Young Press ($29.95) comes in. A French press is a great thing to have at home and on the road.

Before we go camping, we always grind a ton of beans, store the grounds in a mason jar, and pack our French press -- it's the only way to guarantee great coffee while camping.

We like the looks of the Young Press (although we have a different, smaller model) because of the way it is made. It appears to be virtually indestructible and, hence, perfect for camping -- the frame is made of santoprene and the windows of clear polycarbonate.

And, coffee from a French press is so good, you might give up on your old coffeemaker at home and use this one 24/7.

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