Green Camping (or Not?) Take a Solar Shower?

Green Camping (or Not?) Take a Solar Shower?

Stephanie Kinnear
Jul 21, 2009

We've been camping for a very long time now, and we can honestly say that we've never seen anything like this 5-gallon solar shower. It's making us laugh. It's blowing our minds. A hot shower while camping? We could get used to that idea ...

The pop-up shower itself weighs about 6.5 lbs (reasonable if you're car camping, not so much if you're hiking in) and it includes a 5-gallon PVC Solar Shower. Now, obviously, we don't like PVC. But we're still intrigued by how this whole thing works and if it's even necessary.

We've never tried a solar shower before. And we'd probably just stick with hopping in the nearest ocean, lake, or river (part of camping is being dirty all the time, right?). What do you think? Have you ever tried one of these?

Via Groovy Green

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