Green Depot Opens First LIVE Store in New York!

Green Depot Opens First LIVE Store in New York!

Cambria Bold
Feb 12, 2009


We were privileged last night to attend a preview of Green Depot's new LIVE store (their term for homecare, design and lifestyle products) on the Bowery in New York City, officially opening to the public today! Beautiful, diverse and extremely accessible to both the green newbie and the eco-aficionado, Green Depot is paving the way for a completely green future. Click below the jump for more store pictures!

Founded in November 2005, Green Depot started as a small Brooklyn-based supplier of environmentally-friendly building supplies, services, and designs solutions, and has since expanded to 9 showrooms and 10 distribution centers all across the East Coast. Its new flagship Manhattan store is a 3500 square-foot store housed in a former YMCA building (New York's very first YMCA, to be exact).

Sarah Beatty, the founder of Green Depot, has long believed that consumers and designers need access to green building products and services in order to make them a standard part of their construction operations. (As Ms. Beatty said last night, "In ten years there won't be such a thing as 'green building,' because everything will be green.") Green Depot is leading the way on this front. They seek out and carry only the very best green products available on the market today, with special attention paid to recyclable content, local sourcing, low/no-toxicity, and energy efficiency. All products pass through a stringent test to ensure they meet Green Depot's high standards and are labeled with one of five icons (see below) to help the customer understand and prioritize.

Green Depot carries a complete line of nursery bedding, furniture and toys, so you can literally build a safe, non-toxic nursery from the ground up. They also offer a service called "Flip It Green" wherein they will help you find ways to "green" your remodeling and reconstruction plans. In addition, they have a nice selection of no/low VOC paints, sustainable flooring and cabinetry options, and their own line of biodegradable, non-toxic and locally-made cleaning supplies purchasable by the ounce. Simply bring in your empty Seventh Generation or Mrs. Meyers bottle, and they'll fill it up at the "Cleaners on Tap" (shown in the slideshow). So cool!

Green Depot Founder, Sarah Beatty

Some of our favorites included the Mike Miller Silhouette "Found" Art, handmade collages made from reclaimed vintage photographs (some of which still have the handwriting on the back); the Aquaovo Ovopur Water Filter, with its beautiful colorful filter cartridge; John Pomp's Pendant Lamps, specifically designed for use with CFL bulbs to soften and diffuse the light; and the Recycled Wine Glasses from the Green Glass Co.

We even saw our own Apartment Therapy book for sale! Hurray!

Truly, a remarkable store. If you're not in the New York area, you can now purchase all of the in-store products online at Green Depot's recently re-designed and re-launched website. We honestly can't wait to go back this weekend and check it out some more!

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