Green Dilemma: Old Toilets
Jonathan B.
Mar 13, 2008

Did you know that most old toilets (made before 1994) use 5 gallons of water per flush? Many of us live in rentals, so replacing an old water-chugging toilet isn't an option.

So what can you do to save water? Find out here...

...and read on to take to take a survey on nature and culture and help us turn our bedroom office wardrobe into something like Danny Seo's chalkboard fridge.


Good Question: How to Chalkboard this Wardrobe?

This one's coming from us, your editors. We've got a wardrobe that we'd like to turn into a more functional part of our bedroom/office...

Survey: The Nature-Culture Divide

A few posts lately have got us thinking about an old debate. Where, exactly, is nature? Is it out beyond the city limits, or right here in our own backyards?

How you approach this question tends to structure how you think about issues such as conservation (create a few big preserves or lots of little ones?), urban planning (dense cities or dispersed development?), and food (organic or locally grown?).

So, where do you come down?

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