Green Escapes: Biodegradable Travel Towels

Green Escapes: Biodegradable Travel Towels

Amber Byfield
Aug 25, 2008

82508_eztowels.jpgNext month, we'll be following the lead and packing up for a mini green adventure of our own: camping at a state park just a few miles up the road (does that count as backyard camping?). And we're going to be bringing a few of these along.

These easy-to-pack EZ Towels were given to us as a gift, and we can't wait to bust 'em out on the open trail. They are capsule-sized and expand with about a tablespoon of water. They are great for freshening up, cooling off, or wiping down after a hike. And they're easy on Mother Nature--the reason we're out there camping in the first place.

We'll pack these along with some Dr. Bronner's biodegradable soap, and we'll be sure to stay so fresh and so clean for the whole trip.

What other green camping equipment would you recommend?

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