Green Gift Idea: Glassybaby for Conservation International

We've loved glassybaby votives since the minute we first laid eyes on their web site. We go back every once in awhile and think about ordering one or two.

We don't even have very many candles, but have thought about using them as pencil holders, vases, etc. For some reason, we especially love the pastels. Then, this morning we were poking around, thinking about gifts, and stumbled on glassybaby goodwill ...

Glassybaby goodwill is glassybaby's giving back program -- they designate a specific group of colors and then donate a percentage of the sales of those colors to national and local nonprofits.

10 percent of the sales of the green votive pictured above ($40) will go to Conservation International, an organization dedicated to protecting the environment.

It's like giving two gifts for the price of one.