Roundup: Green Guides

Roundup: Green Guides

Sarah Coffey
Jun 26, 2007

Being green is no easy task, so we have a few reading recommendations to help you navigate the wilderness of "eco-friendly" ideas and products.

World Changing, a 596-page guide to green, came out this year. The encyclopedic volume was edited by Alex Steffen, Editor of the website of the same name. It has a comprehensive Shelter section, including articles on green remodeling, living in small spaces and conserving energy.

One of the ground-breaking books of the modern green movement, Cradle to Cradle is the brainchild of architect William McDonough and chemist Michael Braungart. It refutes the standard "cradle to grave" model of design and proposes a new model for sustainability that companies including Herman Miller and Steelcase have implemented in some of their products.

The book is printed on waterproof "paper" that uses no trees and breaks down into synthetic materials that can be recycled into other products. For more information about William McDonough, check out Maxwell's original post on the architect.

We remember the MCA's Massive Change as one of the most thought-provoking shows we'd seen in a long time. The book (authored by exhibition organizer Bruce Mau) is also an eye opener, with gorgeous full-color pages that rival the exhibition itself.

Highlights include interviews with environmentally conscious designers and solutions for sustainable energy worldwide.

What are your recommendations for green reading?

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