Green Guide's Beef Label Decoder

For the conscious consumer, food shopping may involve much label deciphering, interpretation, and confusion. Organic this, certified that ... what does it really mean? If you shop for beef, National Geographic's Green Guide has an interactive label decoder to help you sort out the various certifications and buzzwords.

Green Guide's Beef Label Decoder deciphers six certification labels:

• USDA Certified Organic
• American Grassfed Association
• USDA Certified Grass (Forage) Fed
• Certified Humane Raised and Handled
• Food Alliance Certified
• Animal Welfare Approved

For each label, there are details on five criteria:

• Feed Allowed
• Access To Pasture
• Antibiotics
• Growth Hormones
• Animal Welfare

Check it out and let us know what you think: Beef Label Decoder

[via Food Renegade]

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(Image: Green Guide)

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