Green Home Book Club: Chapter 2

Green Home Book Club: Chapter 2

Stephanie Kinnear
Nov 26, 2007

Sex and asparagus.

What do the two have in common? Well, if you've been making your way through Animal, Vegetable, Miracle with us, then you've probably already read the amusing paragraph that links our proclivity to eat out-of-season produce with parents' lectures on premarital sex (sort of):

Only if [teenagers] wait to experience intercourse under the ideal circumstances (the story goes), will they know its true value. "Blah, blah, blah," hears the teenager: words issuing from a mouth that can't even wait for the right time to eat tomatoes, but instead consumes tasteless ones all winter to satisfy a craving for everything now.

"Guilty!" we hollered when we read that last bit. (Not about the sex advice, but definitely about the tomatoes.)

We're still having a really good time with AVM and learned more than we ever expected to know about asparagus, all in the course of 10 pages or so.

The most discussion-worthy point in this chapter (in our minds) was Ms. Kingsolver's core premise: eating good, local produce is not the "property of the elite." In other words, you don't need to be wealthy to eat locally.

She's definitely challenging a rather popular assumption. Do you agree or disagree? And please feel free to start your own conversations in the comments!

For next week: We've been sauntering along ... Let's get a bit more ambitious: We'll discuss chapters 3 and 4 ("Springing Forward" and "Stalking the Vegetannual") next week.

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