Green @ Home Project: The Bokashi Composter, update

After one week, our Bokashi's a third of the way full. We're surprised and pleased to discover it hasn't started to stink nor are we inundated with a colony of fruit flies. We've been keeping a bowl in our refrigerator to collect scraps so that we don't have to open the composter more than once a day to keep unneeded air at a minimum. And, even though we knew what to expect, we were interested to discover that none of our scraps have rotted or deteriorated...
We found this chart comparing Bokashi composting (fermenting) to regular composting on the website Great Day Bokashi, run by Al Pasternak, a great resource for Canadians near Vancouver who are interested in getting started with Bokashi.
We've found that the easiest way to empty the liquid in the composter is to swing it up onto our kitchen's countertop, open up the spigot and let the contents swirl down into the drain. The composter's light enough, even one-third packed, for our 90 pound weakling self to handle with ease. Opening our Bokashi, the only thing we smell is the aroma of oranges from the skins we added. This week we'll look into finding a few nice pots and some good quality potting soil in order to layer our compost outdoors.